Boat owners know the cost and inconvenience of maintaining a vessel that remains in the water. We are here to present to you the perfect solution for keeping your boat dry and clean. We offer every kind of lift from your small Jet Ski to your 120,000 lb Yacht, from a seawall mount elevator to an 8 Post direct drive or No Profile, we have the perfect lift for you. We are competitive in our pricing but only offer the very best! 

The quality of our lifts and expertise of our workmanship make for a very happy customer. We handle every aspect of your experience from the initial site visit, to the permitting, installation, and the closing of your permit. From start to finish you are in the hands of experts in the field. Our reputation precedes us, please visit our “Contact Us” page to review the testimonials of happy owners of a new boat lift with Boat Lifts & Docks of South Florida.

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Boat Lifts & Docks of South Florida welcomes the opportunity to help you find the best solution to effortless boating.

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"Sometimes a few hundred dollars can be the difference between sub-par and excellence, our core value is excellence."

  • Mini Elevator Lifts
  • Seawall and Dock Mount Lifts
  • Vertical and Angled Elevator Lifts
  • 4 Post & 8 Post Lifts
  • Beamless, Low Profile, No Profile
  • Jet Ski Lifts and Platforms
  • All Lift Repairs and Maintenance
  • Trade & Upgrade & Pre-Owned 
    ​Lift Options 
  • Catwalks & Sternwalks
  • ​Boarding Platforms