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 -  T. Glanfield (Delray Beach, 24K 4 Post, Neptune)

The lift at my house looks great! Thank you!

Please tell Steve how great his crew is. They represented the company well.

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"Sometimes a few hundred dollars can be the difference between sub-par and excellence, our core value is excellence."

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 -  F. May (Lighthouse Point, 24K 4 Post Topless, Neptune)
 - M. Zucker (Fort Lauderdale, 15K Elevator High Speed Neptune)
 -  J. Lerch (Delray Beach, 30K Std. Profile, High Tide)

Thank you for Steve and the guys for putting the lift back together, I truly appreciate your help!

Just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was to do business with Steve. After speaking to three local dealers I was confident in doing
business with you. He was quick to explain the best options for my job, answer my questions, and make sure the job was done right. My new 15K Elevator is installed and I am a happy Boat Lifts & Docks customer!

989 NW 31st Ave., Pompano Beach, FL 33069